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Jocelynne McCall's McCalls

     Jocelynne sent in the following information:

1.Benjamin McCall
  2. Benjamin McCall Jr. b. 1809 Jedburgh, Scotland
  2. William McCall b. 1811 Jedburgh, Scotland
    3. Walter McCall b. 1847 Jedburgh, Scotland
      4. William McCall b. 1874
      4. Benjamin McCall b. 1881
      4. Walter McCall b. 1890 Ladhope,Melrose Dist.,
         Selkirk, Scotland
    3. William McCall b. 1852 Jedburgh, Scotland.

4. Walter and 4. Benjamin emigrated to the U.S.
4. William emigrated to South Africa.

     If you recognize any of these McCalls, please 
email Jocelynne at the address below.

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