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The word above is Gaelic for "Welcome" and I welcome all McCalls, McColls, McCauls and all other spellings of the name. It is for both Scottish and for Irish McCalls. The origins of the name are Gaelic and Black's "Surnames of Scotland" gives the Gaelic spelling as MacCathail. There are many variations in the spelling of the name. Some examples are: McColl, MacCaul, MacAll, MacCaull, MacKall and even, according to Black, in 1370-1380, Robert M'Kawele the Lord of Karsnelohe. There is also MacCool as in the legendary ancient Irish hero, Finn MacCool. It has also been brought to my attention that I have neglected to mention that not all Scottish McCalls are actually McCalls. Some are descended from the MacAulays, and the Lowland MacCalls and the MacCalls of Ayrshire are not related to the MacColls/MacCalls of the Highlands.

When I first started this page I had intended it as a forum and a resource for all people researching our name. I am quite pleased that I have been receiving emails and information from several people concerning the McCall name. Most notably, of late, from Mat McCall who left an interesting message in the guestbook. Some of the information he sent me was brand new to me such as the fact that there is a current movement in Scotland to bring the three groups of MacAulays and the McCalls of Ardencaple under one reconstituted Clan Chieftain. That, if and when it comes, will be a grand day. If anyone wants to contact Mat McCall his email address is in his message in the guestbook. Thanks Mat. I also have to say that I agree with Mat in that helping people discover their history and heritage is quite important no matter the clan. That is one of my main reasons for starting this page.

For those who are interested in such things, clan affiliation for the name McCall in Scotland is with the MacDonald Clan, U.S. branch is Clan Donald U.S.A. Obviously it is also, in Scotland with Clan MacAulay. Clan affiliation for the name McCall in Ireland is with the O'Callahan Clan.

So if you are researching McCall, McColl or any of the variations of the name, you are welcome to add your research to this site. Just e-mail me with your information and I will be happy to add it as soon as I can get to it. If you do not have much information and are looking for help, you may leave a query in the guestbook and maybe someone else has information for you. I would like to emphasize that I do NOT charge money for this. I do this just because I like to help out others who are researching the name. So welcome all McCalls, McColls, McCauls, MacCalls, MacColls and others. I would like to point out a new addition to my links. This is the new Clan McCall Web site. While it is still under construction at this time. It definitely holds promise. I am also happy to say that I have been asked to be the leader in New England for Clan McCall and I have proudly accepted. It is run and maintained by Ron McCall. So all of you McCalls, come and visit. You may find it quite interesting.

A bit of a new item. There are now Clan McCall bumper stickers available to anyone who wants one. Email me for more information.

So come one and come all. Ceud mille failte!

Kevin E. McCall

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