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Kevin E. McCall's McCalls

     I am going to start with my great-great-great-
grandfather, Thomas McCall, who, family tradition has
it, came from the Isle of Skye in Scotland.  He is the
farthest back that I have been able to go thus far.

1. Thomas McCall
  m. Mary Christie November 24, 1823 in Newburgh, County
     Fife, Scotland
  2. Janet McCall b. 1824 County Fife
  2. William McCall b. December 24, 1827 Newburgh
  2. Mary McCall b. October 27, 1828 County Fife
  2. Andrew Yule McCall b. October 23, 1843 Newburgh
   m. October 3,1864 in Dundee, County Angus, Scotland to
      Jane Morton b. 1843 Dundee, County Angus, Scotland
   3. Thomas McCall b. October 30, 1864 in Dundee
      m. Keene, New Hampshire, U.S.A. to Jessie Templeman
         Cables b. August 11, 1863 in Arbroath, County
         Angus, Scotland.
    4. Edward Renouf McCall Sr. b. Jan 17, 1897 in Keene,N.H.
       m. Oct. 9, 1920 in Springfield, Massachusetts to Eva
       Gertrude Rose b. March 12, 1897 in Malden, Mass.
     5. Dorothy Rose McCall b. April 9, 1921 in Hartford,
     5. Edward Renouf McCall Jr. b. June 17, 1926 in Hartford,
        Conn. m. August 18, 1948 in Hartford, Ct to Barbara
        Claudette Leemon, b. Dec. 12, 1927 in Manchester, Ct.
      6. Kevin Edward McCall b. August 13,1949 in Los Angeles,
         California. m. April 28, 1980 to Kathleen Haze.
       7. Ryan Edward McCall b. August 26, 1982 in New Britain,
      6. Scott Thomas McCall b. May 26, 1956 in New Britain, CT
         m. Lisa Papapietro September 24, 1994
       7. Scott Thomas (Buster) McCall Jr. b. February 22, 1998
          in Bristol, Conn.
    4. Agnes Cables McCall b. Jan 29, 1899 in Keene, N.H.
       m. to Joseph Morin. No issue.
    4. Isabel Smith McCall b. Feb 8, 1901 in Hartford, Ct.
    4. Thomas Rennie McCall b. Oct 10, 1904 in New Haven, Ct.
       m. to Anna Piccolio.  No issue.
   3. Margory McCall b. April 1, 1867 in Dundee, Scotland.
      m. Robert S. Robertson.
  2. Andrew Yule McCall married second wife, Mary Jane Higgins
     July 10, 1868 in Dundee, Scotland
   3. Frederick McCall
   3. John McCall
   3. Mary Jane McCall b. April 27, 1869 in Dundee, Scotland.
      m. June 2, 1897 in Keene, N.H. to Fred Will Proctor.
  2. Andrew Yule McCall married third wife, Amelia Douglas b.
     1850.  m. March 29, 1872 in Dundee, Scotland.
   3. Ann Gibb McCall
   3. Emilie McCall
   3. Elizabeth McCall b. April 18, 1873 in Dundee, Scotland
   3. Jessie McCall b. December 17, 1874 in Dundee, Scotland
   3. Andrew Douglas McCall b. 1881 in Dundee, Scotland
   3. Douglas McCall 
   3. Wilhemina McCall b. 1882 in Dundee, Scotland
   3. Catherine McCall b. 1886 in Dundee, Scotland
   Andrew Yule McCall also adopted a daughter:
   3. Mary Ann Lawrence.

Thomas McCall and Mary Christie most likely had more children
than I have listed.  I just have not found record of them all
yet.  Also, for any who may be wondering, no, Andrew Yule 
McCall did not get divorced from his first two wives.  He
oulived all three and died in 1926 in Newburgh, County Fife,

Kevin McCall

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