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Alice Edersheim's McCalls

     Alice Edersheim wrote in with this information on her 

1.Amos McCall
m. Catherine Price  
  2. Clarence Comely McCall  (Alice's great grandfather.)
    m. Nancy Randolph. 
  2. John McCall
  2. Henry McCall
    m. Sara (last name unknown)
   3. Bertha McCall
   3. Alfred McCall
   3. Clara McCall 
  2. Anna McCall
  2. Thomas McCall m. Bessie (last name unknown)
   3. Esther McCall
   3. Pauline McCall
   3. William McCall
  2. Louis McCall m. Netta-Mae ?
   3. Leslie McCall
   3. Clare McCall
  2. Louise McCall m. Jake (last name unknown)
   3. Ulysses McCall
   3. Thomas McCall
   3. Jess McCall

     Alice's greatgrandparents were in the area of Cumberland
County, Illinois. 
If you recognize these names please email Alice at the address 

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